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Natuzzi Italia has showcased an exclusive range of sofas and armchairs at the Milan Furniture Fair. This range of products has been designed to transform the place dedicated to relaxation into nothing less than a place of wellness, where you can relax and pamper yourself.
The innovation of comfort conceived by Natuzzi takes shape in the forms of “motion sofas” and “audio sofas”. These sofas have a technological heart that create the innovative “motion” system or include an integrated audio system in the sofa.
Natuzzi new sofas have been designed to go beyond the concept of comfort to deliver a new standard in quality and wellness.
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Cologne, January 2012 – At the international furniture fair in Cologne, Natuzzi showcases a range of exclusive sofas, designed to convert the living room from somewhere you go to relax into a veritable haven of wellness, somewhere to relax and pamper yourself.
The new Natuzzi sofas are designed to go beyond the very concept of comfort to deliver a new quality standard: wellness.
Design and technology are blended together to give birth to a new platform of products. The “motion sofas”, thanks to the innovative electrical recliner mechanisms, open in just seven seconds. Simply slide a finger against the side of the armrest to activate the motion system: the headrest is smooth and flowing as it pops up, the back sinks down, the cushions slide forward and the footrest extends to create a chaise longue. This mechanism enables the body to get into the most relaxing posture, whether you want to read or watch a movie, talk or simply lie back and relax.
The result is summed up in a single word: wellness.
The new models are characterized by an essential design, rigorous lines alternating between right angles and curves that accentuate the sense of softness and therefore the sensation of relaxation. It is a design that “breaks” with the typical style of relaxing sofas on the market, perfectly integrating the technological heart of the product without renouncing to the aesthetic shape, which remains unaffected even when the mechanism is completely open.
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Past and present live together in these new armchairs and sofas, all sharing classic, simple and familiar shapes and created with little and refined details that contribute to make them modern objects dedicated to the way we currently are used to living.
Showcased in a creased graphite and dusty grey colour fabric and embellished with baroque reliefs that convey the vintage heritage, these armchairs and sofas gives the idea of an original ensemble.
» NATUZZI Group launches EDITIONS, the new sofas and armchairs trademark... READ
Editions offers a wide range of sofas and armchairs with different styles, from classic to casual, all characterized by great value for money and resulting from the expertise of Natuzzi Group
The new trademark was born to satisfy worldwide consumer’s tastes and needs, by offering modern and classic sofas, armchairs with recliner mechanism and sofabeds. Editions models are extremely versatile and customizable both in the design and coverings. The collection, designed in the Style Centre of the Group, is based on some key concepts for the company: comfort, craftsmanship and attention to detail.
» Dia Behbehani Furniture Co. is proud to announce its presence at the 'Italian Design & Furniture Exhibition', held at Salwa Sabah Al Ahmed Theater, Salmiya, from 31st of May to 3rd of June, 2010... READ
This exhibition highlighted the deep bond that links art and the fashion industry where creativity and innovation have distinguished the ‘Made in Italy’ for ages. Major creations by the experts of fashion and design were displayed at the exhibition. The main theme was excellence: house decorating and dressing up in luxury Italian brands in a very innovative way.
Dia Behbehani Furniture Co. was one of the exhibitors, displaying the latest models of one of the two most important italian manufacturers of contemporary furniture, NATUZZI and CALLIGARIS.