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The Group
Natuzzi Group was founded in 1959 by Pasquale Natuzzi, current Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Group Stylist. It designs, produces and markets sofas, armchairs and living room accessories. Natuzzi is the largest Italian furniture company with 2009 turnover of euro 515,4 million, and is the world leader in leather upholstery. In 1993, Natuzzi Group became the only foreign furniture company to list on Wall Street. 88% of the Group’s turnover is generated outside Italy in 123 countries and holds its major market shares in Europe (61%) and Americas (29%).

Customer service and the entire sales network is managed by the Italian headquarter based in Santeramo, Natuzzi Americas located in High Point (North Carolina – USA) and through local Natuzzi subsidiaries in China, Belgium, Spain, UK, Japan, Brazil, India and Russia.  
In the furniture industry the Natuzzi Company is one of the largest investor in research and development. Pasquale Natuzzi personally manages this strategic activity through the Style Centre located in Santeramo in Colle, where 120 professionals are dedicated to the design, the study of worldwide trends, and the selection of materials.

The Group employed 6.992 people, in Italy and abroad.
Production is vertically integrated through 11 factories in Italy and abroad (China, Brazil, Romania). Raw materials are purchased directly from the primary markets and then finished in the company’s facilities, specializing in manufacturing leather, wood and metal frames, foam and finished products. By controlling 92% of raw materials and semi-finished products, the Group guaranteed ultimate quality at most competitive prices.  Natuzzi Group’s products are hand-made by expert craftsmen committed to high quality standards. A constant effort, confirmed since 1995, throughout the ISO 9001 System of Quality certification, and reconfirmed in December 2001 when the Company received the ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Control and furthermore in July 2003 with the Certification of the Integrated Management System Quality/environment ISO 9001/2000.

The Group guarantees a high level service to its customers: delivery at retailer’s premises, anywhere in the world, products invoiced in the retailer’s currency, and complete on-line pre- and post-sales assistance. The Group directly carries out the research and development of its products; plans its new factories; and develops the management information systems and the extranet that allow customers, everywhere in the world, to directly track and manage their orders.

One Company, three Brands
The Group wide and extensive product range is divided into two B2C different brands, Natuzzi and Italsofa, each addressing specific market segments; one B2B brand: Editions.

1. Natuzzi
The Natuzzi  brand aims at bringing to consumers around the world quality and Italian style through coordinated and innovative living room.                                                                                         

Natuzzi  offers wide range of products delivering high quality in terms of creativity, detail of design, and choice of materials and finishes. From the tanning of hides to the production of frames and padding, from the cutting of coverings to stitching. The entire production process is carried out in the Group’s Italian own factories.
The Natuzzi lifestyle products are distributed through the Natuzzi Stores (298) in the most important international cities including Athens, London, Paris, Madrid, New York, Sidney, Shanghai, Budapest, Melbourne, and  Dubai. The Natuzzi Galleries (434) are in partnership with the main distribution networks at: Selfridges (UK), Sears Roebuck (Canada), Bloomingdales (USA), David Jones (AUS), El Corte Ingles (Spagna) and Cuir Center (France).Natuzzi  has also two regional brands, Natuzzi Editions and  Divani & Divani by Natuzzi, to address different  regional markets: Natuzzi Editions in North America; Divani & Divani in Italy, Portugal and Greece.

2. Italsofa
Italsofa is the Italian contemporary brand in the upholstery market introduced in 2000 by the Natuzzi Group, Italy's largest furniture manufacturer. The collection of sofas and armchairs is designed, engineered and developed in the Style Centre in Italy. It is manufactured into the Group’s production plants worldwide to be closer to end consumers looking for modern, dynamic and smart lifestyles. The Italsofa products are distributed also through the Italsofa Store (20) in China, Israel, Montenegro and Spain and the Italsofa Gallery (6) in France, UAE and Poland.

3. Editions
Editions it’s the B2B brand of the Natuzzi Group, it combines detail in design and Italian flair for everyday living. Offering styles for every taste and every situation from transitional to casual, day to night, Editions proposes leather upholstered furniture tailored for the best value for money.

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